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Sustainability for a Healthy World

"Our long-term environmental action plan guides us to fulfill our commitment, as a global corporation, to a sustainable earth and society." - Konica-Minolta

Recycling for a Clean Planet is a simple, cost-free consumables recycling program that adds zero waste to landfill and zero incineration. All Konica Minolta consumables can be recycled and no matter your volume, there is a program to fit your needs.

EPEAT®, which is managed by the Green Electronics Council, has been a comprehensive environmental rating that helps identify greener computers and other electronic equipment since 2006. Imaging equipment was added as a new product category in 2013. It ranks products as gold, silver or bronze based on fifty nine environmental performance criteria considering life cycle of imaging equipment. Learn more about EPEAT® certification here.
EPEAT® Environmental Disclosures

Green Products Certification System is our own unique system for evaluating and certifying products with superior environmental performance. To date, all of our sites have achieved a 12 percent reduction in CO2 emissions per unit of production. Our goal is 20 percent reduction by 2016.

Simitri Toner is a polymerized toner researched and developed by Konica Minolta. It consumes less energy during production and, thanks to its power saving technology, CO2, NOx and SOx emissions are reduced by more than 1/3 during use.

PET Plastics is our newly developed polymer allow recycled PET that overcomes the disadvantages of conventional PET plastic, such as fragility, low fire—resistance and difficulties in injection molding. This plant-based bioplastic offers low environmental impact, using less petroleum-based resources and emitting less CO2 during its lifecycle than petroleum-based plastic.

IH Fixing Technology is an Induction Heating (IH) fixing technology that reduces poor consumption during the MFP fixing process resulting in a shorter warm-up time. It automatically cuts off residual fixing heat when no print jobs are taking place, contributing to energy savings.

Alternative Energy can be found at our US headquarters in Ramsey, NJ, where we installed a 967,000 kWh solar energy system consisting of 3,498 240-watt solar panels. Based on EPA standards, our system produces enough energy to power more than 80 homes for one year or offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced by 132 passenger vehicles.

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