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Managed Print Services

Do you know how many laser printers your organization has, and where they are based? Do you know who is printing, on what, and where? Do you know what your printing costs are?

Through Managed Print Services deRenzy Business Technologies can help you take control of your print environment. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of your current printing cost, including laser printers and copiers.


Based on this analysis and your specific printing requirements we will design a solution that can reduce your printing costs by up to 30%. Furthermore, all printing costs can be wrapped up into one predictable and convenient monthly payment which includes all service and supplies.

Some of the benefits of a Managed Print Services solution are:

  • A single point of contact and accountability for all printer needs.

  • Reduced printer-management complexities.

  • Reduced printing costs.

  • Reduced laser printer technology cost of ownership.

  • Minimised printer downtime.

  • Focus your resources on your core business priorities.

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